Slovenia's GDP in the Q1 2022 was 0.8% higher in real terms than in the previous quarter (seasonally and calendar adjusted), which is a significant slowdown compared to the growth we have been accustomed to since the beginning of 2021. Nevertheless, growth can be described as extremely high, as it followed a 5.3% quarterly growth in the Q4 2021, and such growth is usually followed by a decline. Growth of 0.8% was also higher than in the EU-27 (+0.4%) and four times higher than our estimate (+0.2%). Quarterly growth was high in many European countries (Romania: + 5.2%, Portugal: + 2.6%, Austria: + 2.5%, Poland: + 2.4%, Latvia: + 2.1%) and that shows the March invasion of Ukraine has not yet had a major economic impact. The key reason was the strong growth in the European service sector.